Sweet & Harding

Sweet & Harding offer a first class estate sale and household liquidation service in Buffalo NY, and the surrounding area. Our goal is to sell the contents of your home, and to make the whole experience pleasant and stress free for you.

Sweet & Harding is owned and operated by Heidi Sweet and Ian Harding. We have a great team who work with us, helping us to provide the excellent service that we are famous for.

Our service covers every aspect of running estate sales, from setup, to sorting, to cleaning, to display, to holding the sale, and cleaning up after the sale so that you don't have a mess to deal with.

The first step

When you are ready to begin the liquidation process simply call us. We will come and walk through the property to see what you need to sell. Once we have taken a look, we can discuss what the best approach for a sale would be. There is no charge for our initial meeting and walk through.

The next step

When you are ready for us to go ahead, our setup team come in and fully prepare your property and contents ready for a sale. This involves cleaning, sorting, pricing and display of your items.

We thoroughly research your items to ensure we will get the best price possible, no matter whether it is antique furniture, fine art, jewelry, toys, textiles, sports memorabilia or general household items.


We deal with all necessary advertising, including placing ads in newspapers, printing flyers, and advertising on the internet. We use photographs, and our popular video previews, to show potential customers what you have for sale.

Our aim is to get as many buyers to a sale as possible - the more people we get through the door, the more we will sell.

Don't throw anything away!

Please consult us before you discard anything. Items that you feel are worthless could well be exactly what someone else has been searching for.

You may be surprised what people will buy. We often sell things like post cards, matches, manuals, unopened food, cleaning supplies, clothing, linens, towels, sheets, glass etc.

These, and many other items that you may feel have little or no value, can add considerably to the success of your sale.

Avoiding Problems

Talk to your families. If this is an estate involving the death of a loved one, just consulting with your families before doing anything may save a lot of heartache and ill feeling.

If there is a problem with division of personal items, let us price everything first, let the family come in before the sale to the public and have everyone buy the items that they want. The money will go back to the estate so everything can be divided equally. This usually stops problems before they occur.

After your sale

Once the sale is over, if you require it, we can arrange for the removal of any unsold items. We can arrange for donations to charitable organizations. We can dispose of any and all waste. The property is left clean and as empty as you need it to be.

We are happy to work with your realtor, ensuring that everything is left as it needs to be if the property is to be sold, and we are used to working within tight deadlines so that everything can be ready for closing following the sale of your property.

Complete Satisfaction

Our job is to make this process as stress free as possible for you. Once you have made the decision to use our service your work is done, simply leave the rest to us - our aim is your complete satisfaction.

At our sales we accept
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