About us

We offer a truly first class Estate Sale service. We work on one sale at a time, never cramming multiple sales into one weekend. This ensures that our clients get the very best service from us.

Heidi and the setup team

Heidi is in charge of the preparation and setup of all of our sales. She, along with her excellent setup team, do all the work neccessary to stage the house and beautifully display everything that is for sale. No stone is left unturned. Heidi is a genius when it comes to knowing what things are, what they are worth, and how to display them to their best advantage. And her setup team, each with their own areas of specialist knowledge, follow Heidi's vision to prepare each and every sale to be as fabulous as it is possible to be.

The sales team

Our fabulous team of sales people aims to make each and every sale a truly special event. Each sale has a full sales staff, with every area of the property covered. Our sales team are helpful and knowledgeable, and are clearly identifiable in their smart blue aprons. They are happy in their work which is why they are always so cheerful.

A bit more about Heidi

Yes, there IS life outside of estate sales, and Heidi enjoys life to the full. When she isn't working, Heidi likes to travel, enjoys riding her bicycle along the river, and she loves to shop, especially at antiques stores and markets. She is an avid gardener. She is also a fabulous cook and baker. Heidi also cares for and shelters homeless animals.

At our sales we accept
credit/debit cards